A pool is a wonderful addition to any home, regardless of where you live. While more temperate climates may only be able to utilize their pool as a kind of luxury in the warmer months, in the hotter areas of the country, such as Florida, the Deep South as well as desert areas such as Arizona, New Mexico, etc. having a pool to cool off in is almost a necessity!
Even in the warmest climates, it may be necessary to heat the pool water. The ideal temperature for a comfortable pool experience is between lies in the high 70’s, lower 80’s range. Heating a pool can add a significant amount of money to your monthly electric bill. Solar powered pool heaters have become quite popular, not only for their effectiveness but also for their efficiency and environmental friendliness.    


Solar Power Pool Heating, Pembroke Pines
There are two main kinds of solar pool collectors, glazed and unglazed. Unglazed solar pool collectors. Unglazed panels are generally used in cooler climates, where pools are not kept open in any other season than that absolute warmer months. These unglazed panels lack glass covering, which means that they are not as effective in protecting the panels in cooler temperatures. Glazed panels, however, contain copper wiring, which helps harness heat and electricity, this protecting the panels while still generating heat even in cold temperatures.    
How Does a Solar Panel Pool Heater Work?
            The solar collector works to extract and circulate the existing water through the pool so that it can be exposed to solar energy and heated by the sunlight. After going through the solar collector, the pool water then moves through a filter, which gets rid of any debris or unwanted material, such as leaves, bugs, etc. The pump then circulates the water through the first two steps. It is again filtered and sent through the solar collector, and back again into the swimming pool for enjoyment!

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