Solar Power Heating
    Access to electricity does far more than simply supply light. It heats our homes in the wintertime, provides us with flushing toilets as well as everything from traffic lights to heart monitors. The primary purpose between utilizing energy to generate electricity is to make our lives more convenient in the day to day world.
   One huge luxury provided by electricity is the access to a constant supply of hot water. Much like electricity, we far underestimate how much we rely upon having hot water until our supply is diminished. The hot water than we use in our every day lives is referred to as domestic hot water, or DHM. DHW is potable hot water used that is not used for space-heating, such as would be seen in a radiator. Not only does DHW allow us to take a hot shower in the morning or relax in a soothing bath at night, it does everything from washing our dirty clothes to cleaning our dishes.
    Solar panel water heaters are experiencing a huge growth in popularity. Solar thermal modules collect energy which is used to store the potable hot water. Generally, these modules are what is known as direct gain. This means that the potable water is sent directly into some sort of collector. This collector is usually a pre-existing water heater, though some elect to purchase collectors that are specifically designed for solar thermal energy.  Other methods of DHW include closed-loop systems, which pump water though the solar panels in order to generate heat.